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Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer's GuideThe Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 has been around since 1968 and will come in many variations. We get many "help" requests within our Fratello mailbox asking us relating to this exact Speedmaster reference and the way to prevent from getting into pitfalls.Within this first section of the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 buyer's guide I will answer a number of the more generic questions that people enter our mailbox. Inside the second part, I will enter in the information on the 145.022.Omega Speedmaster Professional 145. replica maria sharapova tag heuer watch 022 - Image by bexsonn.comWhy would be the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 so needed?The Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 will be the reference that has quite a lot to offer. Firstly, it is just a vintage piece that also comes at a reasonable price, with respect to the production year and condition. You can find a coupe of variations, all of them so that it is an appealing piece for just a collector. You'll be able to chase a pre-Moon landing model, a Post-Moon model therefore, choose from a few different casebacks that Omega utilized to indicate that it is the watch that went along to the Moon.But not on the MoonOfficially, the 145.022 didn't proceed to the Moon, as Omega delivered the predecessors in this watch, the 105.012 and 145.012 with caliber 321 movement as official Moonwatch. Astronaut Ron Evans actually a 145.022 (image below) fully briefed of the Apollo 17, for a heat flow experiment. So that it was never for the Moon, but very close. Within the wrist of Ron Evans was obviously a caliber 321 145.012/ Is InterestingSo have you thought to follow a 105.012 or 145.012? Price is related to that surrounding course, the spot that the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 remains relatively affordable, the values with the caliber 321 column-wheel models 're going up rapidly currently. You can read with that here, but an all original 145.012 with caliber 321 movement in good shape will probably be tricky to source from the dealer below 鈧?000 Euro.Let alone the belief that it might be much harder to find one that has not been tempered with. The 145.022 are available in an untouched condition easier needless to say pushing it, pick one up with box and papers (but you'll pay).The Speedmaster Professional 145.022 carries a number of prom dress under 100 years span in relation to production. The 1st 145.022 was introduced in 1968 which reference was used till around 1981. Then, Omega started using 145.0022 as reference number. More below.Minor ChangesYou could declare that things only changed after Omega started using Super-LumiNova plus the later caliber 1861 movement in 1997. That isn't really fair naturally, as the original Speedmaster Professional 145.022 a slightly different dial for a few years as well as some other minor differences. As well as bracelets. Omega also started using different reference numbers (PIC coding) or better said, they added a reference number as 145.022/145.0022 continues to be employed to indicate the truth which is being used. In 1988 Omega started utilizing a PIC coding system and the first Moonwatch reference was 3590.50 (till 1996).Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-68 with blue dialCondition Helps it be InterestingAnother need to pursue a Speedmaster Professional 145.022 is basically that you can discover their whereabouts in pristine condition and also within a pretty worn condition. Something isn't per definition bad. Personally, I prefer my vintage replica watches being 'worn' a bit and show indications of a prior owner that had fun with it. You may also try to find dials that discolored somewhat (or faded to brown entirely, although these fetch expensive these days). Heck, they even come in blue and gray dials. If condition is significant for you, the 145.022 is rather interesting since you will even run into some hardly used many techniques from earlier 1980s some times. Now you ask, would you wear such a thing?But let's begin with many staple items.Speedmaster 145.0221968 - Omega Caliber 861Omega's caliber 861 may be the successor from the caliber 321 that Omega found in the Speedmaster from 1957 to 1968. I've been told once by among the former Omega Archivists that the caliber 861 was used since October 1968, but that's something I cannot confirm depending on data. Let's just repeat the caliber 861 movement has been around since 1968. Omega did so for 2 reasons: the movement was better than caliber 321 that ticked at 18,000vph (instead of 21,600) plus it have also been cheaper to produce.Omega also started utilizing the caliber 861 for other Speedmaster variations replica breitling aerospace watches , such as the Mark II. The copper colored movement were built with a shuttle cam system with the chronograph instead of the column-wheel. The pushers therefore aren't as silky operational, but work precisely nevertheless.Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 on a leather strapCaliber 861 iterationsBelow a picture from the caliber 861, removed from my Mark II, but is identical towards the movements found in a normal Speedmaster Professional 145.022 and later 145.0022 and 3590.50 up to the aforementioned 1997 when Omega started using the caliber 1861. Down the line, the caliber 861 came with a Delrin brake and yellow (gilt) and rhodium plated movements as well as luxury finished models (861L and 863). Let me begin more detail from the second part of this article, but for now it really is sufficient to find out how the hand-wound caliber 861 movement was adopted from the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 knowning that there are numerous different iterations with this movement. With the versions having a transparent caseback that used the 861L and 863 movements, the chronometer graded version (caliber 864) and also the caliber 866 moon phase complication model, Omega also used different reference numbers so these replica watches will not be in scope in this buyer's guide.Variations of the Speedmaster Professional 145.022There are a few different versions in the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022. Notably if you are willing to have gold and bi-color versions, it could possibly get really interesting. In 1969 Omega introduced the usually discussed Speedmaster Pro Apollo XI commemorative edition, using a production run of a single,014 pieces only. Re-decorating a reference 145.022, though "BA" (gold) as a prefix. You can find additional information concerning this model inside the article we did on every one of the gold Speedmaster Professional models. Then there is the bi-color model, indicated with "DD" prior to the reference number, click here replica watches .BA145.022 - the gold Apollo XI commemorative edition from 1969ReferencesHowever, when we only check out steel replica watches, you could say there are numerous of versions:145.022-68 'Transitional'145.022-69145.022-71145.022-74145.022-76145.022-78After that, almost 30 years ago, the 145.022 becomes the 145.0022 (but the case reference remained 145.022, so it will be more confusing). The -XX indicates your production year of the caseback. A typical made mistake is that this actually also indicates the actual production year with the entire watch. One example is, the 145.022-69 was constructed from 1969 to 1971.How can it work?The belief that a caseback indicates 145.022-76 and -78 one example is, does not always mean that Omega did not produce any Speedmaster Professional 145.022 replica watches in 1977. Always refer to the serial or movement number (not to ever be confused with caliber number) that is engraved about the movement. The 145.022-78 was replaced by the 145.0022 around 1981. On current models, you can find this serial number also within one of several lugs. Below, an illustration of my 3570.50, together with the serial number with a lugs.Extract from the ArchivesEven using these serial or movement numbers it could possibly get quite tricky, because they produced the movements together with the serial numbers engraved within in the production means of the movement, not whenever they assembled the watch. A rather accurate overview of Speedmaster serial numbers and matching production years is available here. Remember that it's not 100% accurate, for the, you simply must request an extract of the archives.A movement has been on the shelf for quite some time while lower numbers were already used for replica watches. The only way to be absolutely certain regarding the production year of a Speedmaster is to try using their Omega Museum website to request an extract from the archives. We did an in-depth write-up on these Extracts from the Archives from Omega (and why it will cost so much money for it).Extract in the Archives, demonstrating the precise production year.Casebacks, dial and braceletsThe first 145.022, with the -68 indicator on the medial side the caseback will be generally known as the transitional model. It already gets the new style hands and caliber 861 movement, though the dial with applied Omega logo on the caliber 321 movement. In 1969, Omega started while using white printed logo about the dial. Those first dials still had the stepped sub registers - where the counters are somewhat deeper inside dial than you are on later models - and show off of such caliber 321 models excluding hands and logo.Pre-Moon caseback engraving for the 145.022-69In the second point about this Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 buyer's guide, I am going to pass these versions in more detail. You have to the bracelet styles which were used, casebacks and bezels.Where you should look?Before we type in the pricing details next week (that we are only able to do per variant, since it matters a lot whether you have a straight script caseback, brown dial, transitional model from 1968 or plain 145.022-69 model), I'll give you some tips where to search for these Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 timepieces.A 1982 Speedmaster Pro filled with box and papers that had been for sale on Chrono24.The top buys I know had on the subject of Speedmaster replica watches, for example the 145.022 models, are stored on eBay and by people supplying them in my experience. Aforementioned you are quite rare, so have a glance at eBay and websites like Chrono24 (specifically when offered by professional sellers, the prices undoubtedly are a bit high, but you do possess some buyer's security using Trusted Checkout process) and WatchRecon (that searches via a variety of sales forums on-line).Some IndicationsOn eBay, these models run from $3000 for a nice 145.022 reference (without bracelet) to $12.000 USD for a 145.022 with a tropic (brown) dial. You will even find offers with box and papers, around $6000 USD, in worn condition. It's also wise to check wether the papers really participate in the watch, and are not blanks or blanks which are recently completed. Boxes take time and effort to evaluate naturally.AuctionsAuctions are another possibility, whereas Christie's, Antiquorum, Auctionata, Watches of Knightsbridge etc have their own great number of Speedmaster offerings.So, how does one be sure not to ever take on these pitfalls and have a watch that has been build or has Alternative parts about it? Our detailed guide line per reference number is most significant to recognize the great ones from the fakes.It's not rocket science (no pun intended), but you need to find out excellent customer service and ways to try to find these items.Part II with this Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer's Guide are available here*This article appeared first on October 6th 2015 here on Fratello Watches. We added more info concerning the timeline on the 145.022, updated pricing information, added variations etc. We shall keep updating this short article later on to obtain the most accurate (buying) information for that 145.022.